Alê Freire _ Creative Copywriter

Dirnk Repsnosilby _ Ab Inbev

Sometimes you drink and everything appears to be in order, but it's not. To remind consumers about this, we changed the labels of every main Ab Inbev beer and we didn't tell anyone about it. The idea went out to newspapers, magazines, OOH, digital, stores, TV, influencers, bars and many other formats. When people started to notice the "error", we revealed our awareness message.

Safety WIFI _ Fiat

As the leader in sales in Brazil for 13 years, Fiat took upon itself the responsibility of fighting for better and safer driving conditions in the streets nationwide. To help on this mission, we started by trying to change an old and dangerous Brazilian habit: forgetting to put on the seatbelt in the backseat.

A simple device attached to the backseat seatbelts, turned on a wi-fi modem whenever the seatbelts were buckled up.

The world's biggest coin toss_ McDonald's

With the launch of the new Big Mac Bacon, one of the biggest questions of the modern age emerged: is this new sandwich still a Big Mac? To solve this controversy, we created the world’s biggest “heads or tails” (theoretically), launching a 400Kg coin from a helicopter. This epic activation was broadcasted live via Facebook from the USS Lexington aircraft carrier in Texas.

Unforgettable Songs_ Mares Films

A study conducted in Germany discovered that musical memories are stored in an area of the brain different from the one that stores regular memories. We used this discovery to create a movement that helped hundreds of Alzheimer's patients to eternalize their life stories in their memories in the form of music.

The first song created in the
project became a documentary:
Other songs from the project
To see all the  songs in the project, click here

Drive Thru Car Free Day_ McDonald's

To celebrate the World Car-Free Day 2017 (September 22), McDonalds Brazil created an activation inviting customers visit the Drive-Thru using alternative carbon-free transport means. We opened the Drive Thru of more than 400 restaurants around the country for bikes, skates, scooters and every other transportation people could think of.

There’s always a job that wants to F*¢# you _ CUCA Ad School

For CUCA’s first ever campaign, we had to think big if we wanted to grab the public’s attention in a market dominated by other international portfolio schools. And, when the subject is big, nothing better then using Brazil’s most famous porn star as the face of the campaign. Watch as Kid Cane (Kid Bengala) stars in this commercial and brings an insight that couldn’t be more real to life.

Assemble your Mobi on Youtube _ Fiat

The Fiat Mobi is the car that brought a new way for people to move through the city. To continue innovating, we also decided to change an ancient concept on the Internet: banners taking people away from their favorite websites. Now, Mobi also presents a new way to be assembled: enterily on Youtube.

Check out how the navigation works

The jobs that want to F*¢# you _ CUCA Ad School

Every person from the creative department of an agency has had to deal with some briefs that seem to want to F*¢# with you. To exorcise these “challenging” jobs, we created an animation where they were represented exactly as the creative people picture them.

Candy Project_ Personal Project

“Words can change the world”. We decided to put this theory to the test with the Candy Project: a personal project that helped a street salesman to double his revenue, became the headline in newspapers, magazines and TV shows around the country and got thousands of smiles throughout the streets of São Paulo.

Creatinder_ CUCA Ad School

If you work in advertising, you know that finding the perfect partner is not an easy task. To solve that problem, we launched the Creatinder App. It works like Tinder, but instead of uploading selfies and writing cute quotes, here the creative upload the best work on their portfolio and write about their experience in the business. Let the brainstorms begin.

#McISMc _ McDonald's

McDonald’s is one of the most affordable quality meals you can find. Especially when we compare with other gourmet burgers that became famous in the past few years. There are burgers out there that would have to sing to be worth what it costs.

Pee Blitz_ Fiat

For “Pee Blitz”, we created and developed an analysis system capable of detecting the presence of alcohol in urine. During the Confederations Football Cup, we installed this device in several bars across São Paulo. When people used the urinal, the technology pointed out if they had consumed liquor and alerted them to call a cab and not drive home.

The Halloween Protest_ Personal Project

To protest against the Brazilian Government’s terrifying corruption, we decided to create a fun personal project. Instead of werewolves and witches, at Halloween time, we made masks that would really frighten any Brazilian. On, people could print their own corrupt politician mask and go out on the streets as a real monster.

Give your life for this house_ Under Armour

Morumbi is much more than just a stadium. It’s the birthplace of São Paulo’s story and the second house of every São Paulo fan. But for Under Armour, that wasn’t enough. To celebrate the launch of the new jersey, we took a newborn to the stadium right straight out of the maternity. Thiago Duarte Lourinho became the only fan that can officially call the Morumbi stadium his first home.

CTRL+V Project_Personal Project is a personal project that was born to discover one simple thing: what was the last thing people considered important enough to press CTRL+C on? What started out as a fun project, turned into a permanent website with more than 40 thousand users and thousands and thousands of shares.

This is how
my face looks like
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil.

I lived in the US when I was a kid. I learned to read and write in English before I did in Portuguese. I visited 20 of the 50 states.

I lived in a small city growing up. I learned to love any kind of sport. I used to play handball and almost became a professional athlete. Advertising won in the end.

I studied in Spain in my early 20’s. I learned that Spanish and Portuguese are not as similar as I thought. I backpacked through a big part of Europe.
I’ve been working in advertising for almost 10 years now. I learned everything I know about it with really talented people. I love making personal projects.

I believe hard work beats talent. Any day of the week.

I care more about selling my clients than selling myself.
• YOUNG LIONS BRAZIL - Winner | 2019

• Cannes Lions - Silver  Outdoor (2015)
• Cannes Lions - Shortlist  Print (2019)
• Cannes Lions - Shortlist  Direct (2019)
• Cannes Lions - Shortlist  Media (2019)
• Cannes Lions - Shortlist  Enterteinment for Music(2017)
• Cannes Lions - Shortlist  Direct (2015)
• D&AD - WoodPencil  Digital (2016)
• Clio - Silver - Social Good (2017)
• Clio- Bronze - Innovation (2017)
• Clio - Bronze - Direct (2015) 
• London Awards - Gold - Experiential (2015) 
• London Awards - Silver - BrandedEntretainment (2017) 
• London Awards - Silver - InterativeInstallations (2015) 
• London Awards - Shortlist - Direct (2015)
• LondonAwards - Shortlist - Digital (2015)
• OneShow - Finalist - Automotive (2015)
• OneShow - Shortlist - Craft – Use ofVisuals (2019)
• OneShow - InBook -  Direct (2016)
• OneShow - InBook -  IntellectualProperty (2016)
• OneShow - InBook -  Interactive - Merit(2016)
• CCSP - Bronze - Integrated Cases (2019)
• CCSP - Bronze - Digital / Animation (2018)
• CCSP - InBook (2018)
• CCSP - InBook (2016)

• ElOjo - Gold - Interactive (2015)
• ElOjo - Gold - Best Sound Design (2015)
• ElOjo - Silver - Best use of Music (2015)
• ElOjo - Bronze - Outdoor (2015)
• ElOjo - Bronze - Direct (2015)
• ElOjo - Bronze - Content (2015)
• ElOjo - Bronze - Inovation (2015)
• TheMotion Awards - Winner - Commercial SocialMedia (2017)
• WaveFestival - Silver - Cyber (2017)
• WaveFestival - Bronze - Cyber (2016)
• WaveFestival - Bronze - Direct (2016)
• Kinsale Shark Awards - Silver -Ambient (2015)
• AdStars - Gold - Direct (2015)
• Prêmio Colunistas - Gold - Promo (2016)
• Prêmio Colunistas - Silver - Inovation (2016)
• AnimaMundi - Finalist - Best Brazilian Film (2015)
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 Published (2017)
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Sr. Copywriter

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Eisenbahn, Baden Baden, Lagunitas
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Mc Donald's, Itaú, Subaru, Ambev, Jonhson & Jonhson, Veja, Perdigão
Isobar Brazil - Copywriter
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Fiat, Jeep, Samsung, NIVEA, Banco do Brasil, Escola CUCA, SKY, TIM, Citibank, Sadia, Sony
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Visa, Natura
Ag. ESPM - Copywriter 
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Universidad Antonio de Nebrija  
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Madrid, Espanha
ESPM (University of Marketing & Advertising)  
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São Paulo, Brasil
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Alê Freire — 2019